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About me:


So you can get to know me a little better here is a brief blurb about how I see myself.

Throughout the years I have grown into a person who is passionate about connecting with people. I was a very insecure, unconfident anxious young man who was always frightened of saying the wrong thing, or not having the confidence to talk to people. 

I was then driven to change all of this by entering into a sales and marketing environment which constantly forced me to meet and greet people and be able to hold an intelligent conversation with them. I believe over time I have succeeded where sometimes I talk too much and am now driven to become a better listener. I am now able to deliver a professional, personal ceremony for all occasions with the confidence to connect with people in a natural way.

I can openly and honestly say that my confidence now comes through a lifetime of public speaking and the inner strength to succeed. Most importantly I have been surrounded by amazing families who have given me the love and support needed to overcome all of life’s challenges.

Whilst I was brought up in a loving catholic home I have adopted a spiritual belief that is very simple.

My journey is a way of life, how I lead it, how I treat others, my love and respect for myself, family, friends and all things living.

 I believe we all should all Laugh Often, Love Much and Live Life to its fullest.

I am a passionate man, with a great love for the outdoors, walking, camping, and swimming with my greatest love being cycling. I adore beer and chips and love red wine and chocolate, weaknesses that I give no excuses for.  

I am a very lucky man who lives in a beautiful home on a hill with a gorgeous wife and three amazing children.

I want only for happiness and the happiness of the people I share my life with. 

My Family
Wilsons Prom
My Beautiful Wife, Jacquie
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