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Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be personal, professional and tailor-made to meet your dreams of a perfect day.

Firstly we would meet to discuss your plans. This is a get to know you meeting, a time to list some of the important details about you both, your relationship and the ceremony that you would like to have. It is also a time to complete the ‘notice of intention to marry’. This form is legally notifying me of your intention to marry each other.

I would also need to see your passport’s or birth certificates and driver’s license because this information is a proof of who you are and provides the details necessary to be transferred to that form.

From here I will create the first draft of your wedding ceremony; overtime we then work on this draft together until it becomes final.

Our second appointment is where we will meet to finalise all of the details.

I will guide you with your wedding vows and suggest different ways we can present what you are going to say to one another. 

We can also work together on your music choices and the ways in which we can include song into the ceremony.

A wedding rehearsal is also recommended for you and your bridal group. The rehearsal is an important meeting and the opportunity to go through proceedings and finalize all details. This is all a part of the planning to create a beautiful day for you both that will leave a lifelong memory.

Your wedding ceremony should be all that you want it to be with lots of fun and a special touch of class in a very natural way.


Through the years I have been privileged to bring many loving couples together in marriage. I am now excited that all couples are now recognised under Australian law . As a country we can now accept and grow with everyone as equals in love and in law. I am so proud to be a civil celebrant who can now provide a service to all loving relationships.

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